What in the world is a Health Coach Pharmacy?

What in the world is a Health Coach Pharmacy?


A patient enters the clinic with a complication. At first, the health provider needs to diagnose and assess the situation, which thankfully in the world of DPC, can actually be done with the amount of time spent with patients. Many times in our current state of healthcare, the next step is to get the problem at hand back to normal, as quickly as possible. That could be a medication, a cast, a stent, a device or maybe even a chiropractic alignment - any of those could temporarily fix the problem. 9 times out of 10 a DPC provider has an idea, or an inkling, of what could be causing their patients trouble in the first place because they took the time to ask (and had the time to ask!). That could be poor nutrition, a sedentary lifestyle, substance abuse, sleep troubles or a toxic relationship.

One thing is certain...after that "inkling", the patient goes home, and then what? They may have just been diagnosed with a chronic condition, they're scared, and they certainly don't know where to begin. Are they responsible for changing their behavior on their own? And do we assume that they know which habits brought them to illness to begin with? Of course not, because it's much harder to make habit changes by ourselves and even harder without guidance.

This is an entire field of medicine that is barely represented in patient care strategy, yet it is the driver of more than 80% of the complications that patients face on a daily basis.

Sustainable habit change with a culturally and medically relevant health coach is the answer.


Docs don't have time. Docs are not experts in nutrition. In house Registered Dietitians and coaches are too expensive or not utilized. Our health coding system promotes prescribing medications and makes more money when utilization is increased, not decreased. The DPC movement and a Health Coach Pharmacy has the potential to rewrite the patient experience.

DPC's have proven that they don't take the bandaid approach, they are invested in and take the time for their patients' recovery and healing. They work for the actual patient, not the numerous middle men that have their hand out for money. Now, DPC's have a new tool in their tool box that doesn't just include medication, they can utilize a health coach to improve the symptoms AND also fix the root cause of the illness. The provider can now also get better insight on what happens in the patient home, giving clarity to why they have ended up with illness in the first place, making treatment that much easier.

Imagine this:

You follow up with your patient after 3 months, and you actually have data on what they worked on since you last met with them. You have a full list of their new habits, you have information on what what went well and what they struggled with. You know what foods they've started to include, and maybe even now started to work on a mindfulness routine. You have a full list of their new habits, you have information on what went well and what they struggled with.

What a luxury, right?!

It's important to know that health coaching is not for everyone.

We all come from unique backgrounds and cultural needs. Whether you're African American, of Asian heritage, Latino, or Caucasian...we have our specific imprints of needs that comes from multiple generations. It doesn't make sense to have only one type of dietitian or provider for ALL types of patients. We need representation so that patients feel safe, heard, and understood with all of their diverse medical and personal needs. As providers, we can't be everything for everyone. One size does not fit all when it comes to cultural needs. But we CAN work together with the common goal of meeting your patients health goals.

Combining the right DPC with a medically and culturally relevant health coach could be life changing. A Terra Lifestyle Rx could be the answer for their long-term success...

Health coaching can be confusing these days with social media influencers promising the next best hack to get healthy. The RIGHT health coaching, with board certified health coaches, ensures that patients will be experiencing an extension of your care....brought directly into their home. Terra's Health Coach Pharmacy qualifies coaches for their educations, certifications, personalities and experience.....not the amount of followers they have.

All of this is now just a click of a button away from you and your patient.

The question is:

What kind of prescription do you want to write?


Have questions or want to learn more about how Terra can be the extension to your care? Contact our team at cecilia@terrahealthcoaching.com.

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