Terra Health Coaching is committed to bringing its mentees a holistic ecosystem of health and wellness that not only focuses on the physical and mental health of individuals, but also on the health of our planet. It is our mission to boost global awareness of the impact of our food consumption as a species on this planet. Every person in the world has the power to contribute to positive global change...with every bite they take.

When you engage with the Terra app, you journal small lifestyle habits that amount to enormous positive change for your health. The app calculates your personal environmental footprint and gives you daily, weekly, and monthly environmental impact statistics, such as the amount of water you are saving or the greenhouse gas emissions you are limiting.

If you've ever wanted to “do something” to help the planet, but aren't ready to buy a Tesla, let's begin with your next bite of food and start postively impacting the planet.



We embrace a plant-forward approach to nutrition. The foundation of our nutritional coaching aesthetic features plant-based foods and meat alternatives. Those who eat a plant-based diet lower their risk for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and other health conditions. We aren’t strictly “vegan”, but we value the health and environmental benefits of this dietary direction.