Terra Health is committed to bringing its users a wholistic ecosystem of health and wellness that not only focuses on the physical and mental health of individuals, but also the health of our planet. It is our mission to encourage awareness towards the knowledge that each bite we take can have a signficant impact on our natural environment too.

As individuals, we tend to view ourselves and our choices as insignificant in contrast to the vast environmental issues we face. With the increase of natural disasters, resource degredation, ecosystem collapses, economic costs, and other issues becoming more prominent, it is daunting for any person to think about addressing. However, what if the solutions we need can result from a collaborative effort made of small but impactful decisions? What if we can bring that postive impact for both people and this planet? What if our choices add up to something that this generation will be remembered for? Doesn’t that sound like something we could get behind?

When you engage with the Terra Health app, you journal small lifestyle habits that add up to enormous positive change for your health. Furthermore, with every new bite of food you not only can heal yourself, but you also take a postive action to heal the planet, while we show you how. The app calculates your personal environmental footprint and gives you daily, weekly, and monthly environmental statistics, such as the amount of water or greenhouse gas emissions you are saving. So, if you have ever had thought of wanting to “do something” to help the planet, but don't want to buy a Tesla, let's begin with your next bite of food and start postively impacting the planet.


We embrace a plant-forward approach to nutrition. The foundation of our nutritional coaching aesthetic features plant-based foods and meat alternatives. Those who eat a plant-based diet lower their risk for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and other health conditions. We aren’t strictly “vegan”, but we value the health and environmental benefits of this dietary direction.